Comparative Study on Industrial Development Process in China and India


Comparative Study on Industrial Development Process in China and India (Interim Report), Edited by Moriki OHARA and Koichiro KIMURA, Published in March 2009, Institute of Developing Economies, Japan External Trade Organization (IDE-JETRO) [8 chapters can be downloaded]


Through the research project, we aim to explore the characteristics of industrial development process in China and India in the contemporary globalizing world by comparing the mode of growth of indigenous firms and industrial networks. As our final goal, after identifying their comparative characteristics, we challenge to clarify the socio-economic factors that brought about such characteristics and predict the direction of industrial future of the two countries. Though the both countries have attracted world’s attention as rapidly-growing supper large countries, however, not many literatures have discussed persuasively how the ways of the upgrading of their leading industries and major firms, the engines of their rapid growth, share in common the same characteristics or are different each other. In particular, so far, little research results have been completed after the in-depth and detailed observations of particular industries and firms. We aim to tackle to explore this filed. The project is unique in the following three points; namely; (1) we compare the two countries with East Asian Model, which is induced from the successful experiences of East Asian countries such as Japan, Korea and Taiwan in the last century, (2) each researcher who participates the project conducts comparative studies on the specific industry of their interest, including, textile, automobile/motorcycle, software, electronics appliances, based on the first-hand field surveys, and (3) among the factors that brought about commonalities/differences between the two countries, we focus on the features of their internal market systems as the socio-economic institution which have been formed in the long-run. Among the factors that consist market system of respective country, this project will pay specific attentions on such topics as; the size and quality of domestic market, the formation and management of industrial bases and human resources, the role of government and the relationships between the central and local governments, construction of science & education base, and so on.

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