Blondes of Brunettes, Redhead or Brown?


Not only eye colour, favourite make-up and lipstick can say a lot about a woman. Plenty of interesting facts are coded in her hair colour. British specialists assure that only natural hair colours can give true and genuine information about a female personality.

Blonde girls

All the stereotypes about blonde girls that exist in our society have little in common with who these faired haired girls are. Maybe only the statement about their sex appeal can be trustworthy. Natural blondes are not so widely spread in the world.UK specialist claim that approximately 12 % of all female population is blondes. However there are facts telling us that about 80 percent of all men are crazy about women with golden hair. A true portrait of a blonde girl is far more different that the one that most people can draw. London Blonde escorts are very good at mathematics and natural sciences. They can rely on their intuition as no other female can do. There are a lot of strong emotions that they experience but which they can show only to very close people. Most men expect that blonde ladies are obliging ninnies but often face intelligent and prudent ladies who will do everything to reach their aim.

Brunette girls

Brunette girls are very sentimental and sensitive ladies. Brunette females treat their appearance in a special way, they need to know that they beautiful from all the surrounding people. Dark-haired females are characteristic of inner emotional wanderings. So it is important for them to have a male partner who would understand them and support. Their mood changes every now and then what makes them unpredictable. However with all the emotionality they have brunette girls are perfect strategists and tacticians. They always achieve their aims. It is interesting to know that men dream about blondes but marry brunettes. So it is not a big disadvantage to be a brunette.

Redhead girls

Escorts with red hair are very temperamental girls. Needless to say that these ladies have very bright personalities. They are very emotional and will never agree to act in the way as it should be unless it is their own desire. Red haired women stick to the rule that they owe nothing to anybody and nobody owes anything to them. They try to apply this rule to all the aspects of their life. They do not think in a standard way so they are very original and peculiar personalities.

Brown-haired girls

Tender and radiating warmth brown-haired girls are often underestimated by men. And it is a great mistake! Most brown-haired females have an even temper and calm character. They are very communicative and pleasant to talk to. They are well-balanced so men feel very comfortable in their company. An escort with brown hair is able to put out any fire using her strongest weapon – a charming smile!

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