RUSSIA- CHINA-INDIA TRIANGLE STRATEGICALLY INADVISABLE: An Analysis, by Dr. Subhash Kapila, Paper No. 408, 06/02/2002, South Asia Analysis Group

This paper was the result of a press report which said that the External Affairs spokesperson confirmed that the visiting Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov had mooted a proposal of a triangular relationship of Russia, China and India and that India has “agreed” to the proposal for frequent meetings between Delhi, Moscow and Beijing to coordinate a common position among the three on important international issues.  While Indian interaction with Russia has been consistent at many levels, there is no evidence yet on the ground of any changed relationship with China.  The test of China’s sincerity would depend upon, how soon they stop proliferation nexus with Pakistan and how soon they are willing to finalise the so called line of tranquility. And to what end should India agree for a triangular relationship?  It is our view that India should not think of any such triangular relationship at this stage which evidently is directed against USA.

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