4 hands massage vs 2 hands massage Sensual and Tantric massage


FAQ: 4 hands massage vs 2 hands Sensual or Tantric massage . How does a 4 hands erotic massage differs from a 2 hands erotic massage? Is it the intensity of the massage? A deeper experience?

Let’s place ourselves at a dinner table with our best friend, we are talking and we are having a great time with our favourite bottle of wine. Now let’s change the scenario and this time we are having dinner with a group of people and we have been placed between two persons we do not know. What could happen? Here are three possibilities: one, we can have a great conversation between the three of us; two, we can connect with one but not that much with the other; three, they are both fantastic but one loves football and the other theatre and at the same time that one is talking to you about the last game and the other is talking about the last play which honestly is driving you crazy. There are of course more possibilities, what about if anyone of us connects with you? Or you with them?

Massage is very similar, especially when we are talking about tantric massage. To offer 4 hands massage service, I need to work with someone with whom I must have an incredible connection, and not only that we need to be capable of perceiving the same things at the same time and taking the same decisions about what should be done. After 13 years’ experience I have never found that person and that is why I do not offer 4 hands massage services or ever participate when I have a call from another masseuse.

Another reason is the intimacy tantric massage is an intimate service and in Spain we say two are company, three are a multitude.

Having said that, if we consider sensual massage instead of tantric massage there is a sensual quality to it, which is the idea of having two masseuses at the same time which is a 4 hands massage. I will probably put my money on the fact that for this client the massage is secondary and that his goal is to explore, experience the fantasy of having two naked masseuses bodies working on him at the same time his interest is in the physicality of the service. In that case, the complicity needed between the masseuses is on a personal, physical level.

If we are talking about massage the intensity of the massage will not be better on a 4 hands massage than on a 2 hands massage weather we are talking about tantric or sensual massage, and I would argue that the intensity on a tantric massage would probably be less in order to avoid all the things that could go wrong. But if we are talking just about an erotic experience and merely on a physical level, probably yes, a 4 hands massage, it could be more intense though this would be because it is part of a fantasy not due to having two masseuses at the same time.

Is a threesome more intense that a one to one sexual experience? It all depends on each individual’s fantasies, experiences and aims, and not on the number of people who are at the same time on a bed.

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