What tantra is and what it is not


Since we have talking about Tantra Massage & Tantric Massage Techniques so many times before, I just found that I haven’t put a clear defination of the tantra.

If tantric massage is practiced within a couple, Tantra is a kind of couple meditation, which springs from the merging between the feminine and masculine aspects, fuelled by the sexual energy. It is an invitation to discover the sacred dimension of the sexual fusion and the way to make the body, soul and consciousness vibrate together. Still, this cannot be attained in one single day. It is a path that requires every minute commitment. This is the art of intense experience in every moment of life, as if it were the last to live.

Tantra is a celebration of life, a holiday of “here and now”, of no matter what or how is happening. This is a cult of life and nature, where no aspect is declined: the inner, outer aspect, the Joy, sorrow, laughter, weeps, the wrath, trust, doubt shadow and light. Tantra is neither repressive nor improper since each is the vector of the other. It is what it is and it is consciously.

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Tantra massage is neither a course of sexual education, nor contraceptive method by withholding ejaculation. If this aspect only is considered, this is missing the magic of Tantra massage. It is true, as we will see that slow breathing enables ejaculation withholding and prolonged love making. Nevertheless, in doing so man risks losing spontaneity innocence and the untamed feature. The mind takes over control and there is no more room left for meditation. But the essence of Tantra massage is not technique, but love; prayer it is; a heart relaxing to generate a space where the man and the woman merge with each other.

In Tantra, we retrieve the child innocence, we learn again how to play with the one we love, having no schedule in sexuality, for programmes forge the play and rips the touch to the moment being. Total acknowledgement of facts determines opening of the soul. When the two lovers come together that is genuine fact, for each of them can reveal itself as it is. There is nothing to prove, nothing to defend, nothing to protect. There are two beings that simply live their love relationship for real. No matter the time, the age, the outer conditions, it’s just the moment being that really matters. The more we take the risk to be ourselves at the moment being, the more our relationship is rooted, the more it is fulfilling and flourishing.

Tantra massage is not a technical course, though it makes use of specific methods and techniques which may enable access to the tantric universe and it requires constant practice and serious perseverance. You will encounter a Tantra experience which may be a helpful answer to the social and affective chaos we are living nowadays.

Tantra is neither philosophy, nor religion at the dogmatic approach. It doesn’t oppose to any of these, it is an essentially spiritual experience. It may be religious meaning RECONNECTION, as it rebinds the downside to the upper side, heaven to earth, sex to the divine consciousness. Tantra basically is a unifying experience of the body, mind and soul. It shows a spiritual path, which grants, if practiced, a checkable expansion of consciousness that enables ultimate release.

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