Massage tehniques


Bioenergetics is a combination of physical and psychologicaltechniques used to release constrictions in the energy flow ofthe body. Because psychological defenses are anchored in the body, special attention is given to the muscular patternsinhibiting self-expression. Developed from the work of Wilheim Reich and refined by his pupil Alexander Lowen, this techniqueuses physical exercises, deep breathing, and massage to permitthe body to give up its need to armor itself.

Tantric massage

Having the experience of London Tantric Massage is something that can and will change a person’s perspective on what’s possible to do with their body and the sensations that they can achieve through the touch of another human being. This beautiful for of expression has come a long way and has a lenghty history that originates from the spiritual art of Tantra.

Sexual Energy is not only mother nature’s most powerful energy, but also one of the most unexplored forces. The principles of the Tantric Massage practice are very concise and they consist of bringing the spiritual mind and heart together with the energy of divine sexuality. This highly polished practice holds the key to a conection with our higher selfs the likes of which you’ve most likely never experience and needs to be seen and felt to be believed. Read more about what is tantric massage

Polarity Therapy

Developed by chiropractor and osteopath Randolph Stone,polarity therapy is a holistic method of treatment. He combinedhis knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine, Chinese medicine, yoga,acupuncture and shiatsu techniques to outline his system. Stonesaw the body as an electromagnetic energy system with eachpart of the body carrying electrical-like charges. By placing hands on various parts of the body, the practitioner connnectsthe positive and negative poles to improve the flow of energy through the body and assist healing and relaxation. To maintainwell-being, diet, yoga, and self-awareness are encouraged.

Postural Integration

Dr. Jack Painter developed postural integration after studying various forms of bodywork. His ten-session system consists ofdeep tissue techniques, movement, and breathwork.Recognizing that the body traps negative emotions, Painter’s technique pays special attention to the fascia and the release ofemotional blocks in a psychotherapeutic manner with the aid ofintentional deep breathing.


Rebalancing was developed in the 1970’s by a group of longtimebodywork practitioners working under the guidance of aspiritual teacher named Osho. The idea was to create a newform of bodywork that would take the best of the presentlyexisting modalities and imbue them with a deeper perspective.Done in ten sessions, rebalancing utilizes a combination of deeptissue massage, joint tension release, verbal dialogue, andenergy balancing to relieve physical pain, release emotionalholding patterns, and enhance relaxation.


Popularized in the United States by physiotherapist EuniceInghram in the 1930s, this is an acupressure type techniqueperformed on the hands and feet and is based on the ancientOriental theory that meridian lines or pathways carry energythroughout the body. Because each zone or part of the body hasa corresponding reflex point on the feet, stimulating that reflexpoint causes stimulation in the natural energy of the relatedorgan. Crystalline-type deposits and/or tenderness indicate adysfunction, and pressure is applied to clear out congestion andrestore normal functioning and health.

Therapeutic Touch

Therapeutic Touch is a laying-on-of-handstechnique that doesn’t actually touch the body but touches theenergy field around it. It was developed in the 1970s by DoloresKrieger, a nurse and professor at New York University. Is basedon the theory that the human energy field extends beyond theskin and is abundant and flows in balanced patterns in healthbut is depleted and/or unbalanced in illness or injury.Practitioners restore health by sensing and adjusting such fieldsto restore health and promote well-being.

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