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Have you felt the need to relax more? or how to improve your relationship with yourself as well as your partner or lover?

Whether your married or single, young or old, Tantric Massage awareness and expanding on tactile therapies can help us individually, to address mental or physical tensions, whether at work related, or just the fast pace of city life. Because many of us are busy working, often relationships can get knocked back, as the economy sets out more demands, so going at the fast pace, trying to balance between work, rest and play, can be rather challenging for many of us, will undoubetly get stressed out and need natural help or something to release the tension.

Many people turn to stimulants, from the odd glass of wine can lead some to have that extra drink, where they can let go of the worries of the day, but occasionally can be a hazard for some, as the odd drink can also lead them to the temptation of over doing alcohol, smoking or even take drugs, before they realise they can become addicted to alcohol or drugs, with friends occasionally competing with them, easy to fall prey!

So long as you are aware, and can have the ability to keep it in balance, without losing yourself.

Some people I’ve met during my massage years, often turn to food and drink stimulants, it doesn’t even have to be alcohol related, or drugs to release them, but coffee, cakes, high sugar or high fatty foods, can also give people states of euphoria, or frustration can make us turn to food or other sugar laden comfort food, so just be aware that it doesn’t control you, and before you know it, food addictions can be very difficult, for those who frequently comfort eat, rather an address issues behind it.
A woman I know recently turned to drinking again as she announced her boyfriend is moving abroad, due to family related issues, I said but he hasnt left yet, it will be temporary and he will be back! So its about us be in the driving seat and not letting us fall prey to temptations that debilate our well being! So I gave her a back massage and she said she felt peacefull and relaxed. I must admit that since I discovered the benefits of massage many years back, I would never swop it for anything!
Masage in its pure form, it can help release muscular tension, helps our bodies to get in a more relaxed state of meditation, releasing the tensions of the day. Whilst the action of Massage is taking place, it releases endorphins, which are natural pain killers. Thats why with massage you can feel it as it works within a few minutes!

Many people who drive cars, or sit behind a desk in the office, can suffer from stiff backs and necks, muscular tension builds up, which can cause muscles to be tight, and we start feeling tired or can get tension headaches.
Massage has the ability to disperse the tension, improve circulation, give oxygen to the cells, removes lactid acid build up, especially good for sports people, and as we age our bodies aren’t as efficient in clearing out the toxins, so helps with immunity, by removing toxins, clear lymph, and improve our well being, releases endorphins which is that feel good factor during massage. Another important and vital- is a special chemical released in our bodies , called Oxytocin, when we are touched, and especially if we feel a connection with a partner or lover, when we are in love too, this chemical is truly amazing, for giving us that fantastic high, of feeling loved, touched and connected, and of course totally naturally occuring!

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