Happy Chinese New Year of the Goat! 恭贺2015羊年快乐!


Dear CCPN Global members and friends,

Following the last letter we sent you at Easter 2014 I am sending you this email containing a comprehensive review of CCPN Global’s situation and activities with links to the main website. We hope that you remain interested in our activities.

Mission statement: CCPN Global (China in Comparative Perspective Network Global) is a global academic society focusing on study in the social sciences and humanities of China and the Chinese from a comparative perspective (UK registered charity No.: 1154640). It aims to advance the education of the public in general (and social scientists in particular) and to promote research in all aspects of this broad theme, specifically the promotion of Chinese research ideas in the West, and to publish the results, with a view to adding to the sum of knowledge.

Structure: CCPN Global is a global society that consists of an academic platform, a journal, a publisher and a think tank – a knowledge-based social consultancy.

Personnel: CCPN Global at present has no employees but a large number of people involved with CCPN Global on a voluntary basis. There are five categories of people involved in the society, some of whom play more than one role. Through them, CCPN Global interacts with a great number of research and academic institutions and other organizations.

  • Staff includes (48): Directors (2), General Secretaries (2), Governing Board (including Trustees 12 – tbc), Associate Researchers/Editors/Translators (25), Professional and Technical Consultants (6), Administrative Manager (1)
  • People working on specific projects (16)
  • Journal of China in Comparative Perspective (66): Editorial Board (17), and International Consultants (49, whose main role is to act as peer reviewers)
  • CCPN Global’s Academic Advisory Committee (105, an international group of experts from multiple disciplines)
  • Members of the society (about 5000 signed up, currently non-paying)

Current strands of work and achievements: CCPN Global was founded in April 2013 and was formerly known as CCPN (China in Comparative Perspective Network) at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). It registered as a Charity on 19th November 2013. This global academic community is mainly internet-based. So far, we have been building and improving five websites, four blogs (as avenues for CCPN Global to interact with readers), one e-shop, a mobile version (Chinese), and three WeChat groups. They are:

Through its multiple English and Chinese bilingual websites, the only ones of their kind in the English-speaking world, CCPN Global co-ordinates four strands of work, described below.

1. CCPN Global, an academic platform, organizes or participates in various academic events, e.g. in 2013 we were joint organizers of the international conference on Max Weber and China: Culture, Law and Capitalism; in 2013, we participated in a series of seminars and lectures, academic activities, and exchanges. engaging with governmental research institutes and had some field visits. We have taken part in the design of the now established MSc Programme on Discourse and Communication within the Centre of Discourse and Communication, Zhejiang University of Media and Communication (ZUMC), authorized by the Ministry of Education of China; and we have helped in the design of a research project on international communication and discourse study, with ZUMC and the Research Centre for International Communications, along with the China Foreign Language Publishing Administration. We are also helping to co-ordinate and develop research projects with other organizations on Chinese for Social Sciences, Comparative studies on social life in the UK, USA and China, a comparative study between global civil society and ‘global symbiotic society’, China-UK encounters and transcultural generativity, and developing a project on Chinese urbanization and globalization, in association with the China Centre for Urbanization Development (CCUD), the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and the State Council.

2. Journal of China in Comparative Perspective (JCCP) is the only peer-reviewed English and Chinese bilingual quarterly journal for social scientific, humanities and comparative studies on China in the world. In September 2013 we published and printed a sample issue based on previously edited contents. JCCP is published quarterly in March, June, September and December. The first two issues have been published, and the third and fourth issues are in production. This publication is both of high academic quality and of popular interest.

3. Global China Press (GCP) is the first publisher focusing on bilingual publications, from the Chinese and non-Chinese perspectives, on China and the world in a global context. GCP is a subsidiary trading company of CCPN Global. We pay for professional services at market rates, and enter into contractual relationships for management and admin work. All profits will go to CCPN Global. We have published a Chinese edition of Society Building: A China Model of Social Development and have participated in many events related to publishing, such as book readings, international conferences and professional exchanges with publishers. We have received more than 20 proposals for different titles of book series, and, with the help of Professor Zheng Hangsheng, the late Honorary President of Chinese Sociological Association, who sadly passed away in November 2014, we have been actively pursuing 12 of these, some of which are in production with the support of major publishers in China. They are: Chinese Concepts, Chinese Discourse, Chinese Academy, Chinese Thoughts, Chinese Experiences, China Studies, China Urbanization Studies, Understanding China and the World, Chinese for Social Sciences, Global China Forum, Chinese Overseas Ethnographic Studies, ‘Three Eyes’ Series.

4. China4Global, a knowledge-based think tank for social consultancy. It aims to adduce resources from China, the Chinese and comparative studies to the fulfilment of our social mission of participating in shaping a global society. We have been supporting the Campaign for Social Sciences, which was launched by the Academy of Social Sciences, by providing online information for social scientific studies on China, engaging public through the Global China Dialogue Forum series, launched in 2014, together with other events. These global and public engagements can generate quality work for JCCP and publications as well. We have been also supporting the Campaign for Languages Speak to the Future, initiated by the British Academy, by working in bilingual publications for our websites, blogs, journal and other publications, conducting a project ‘Chinese for social sciences’, and providing social consultancy services.

The way ahead: We will continue to develop our work in the following ways.

  • We propose to complete formation of a Board of Governors, 12 in number, comprising some of the existing Directors, Trustees and Academic Advisers, complemented by other experts and professionals.
  • We will start to promote and market CCPN Global and its products, aided by the completed construction of our websites, the regular publication of JCCP and the publication of our first two edited volumes. Our aim is for the Journal of China in Comparative Perspective (JCCP) to be listed in the SSCI (Social Sciences Citation Index) sometime in 2015.
  • The 2015 Global China Forum, is entitled ‘Transculturality and Global Governance: Regional Comparison with China on Modernization’, will take place on 13-14 October, at the Old Royal Navy College, London. We expect to produce a document London Consensus, and selected papers will be considered for publication in JCCP and a collected volume in the Global China Dialogue Forum book series.
  • All the events or research projects that we participate in should make academic contributions, either by identifying new research topics, as evidenced in our publications, and/or by contributing to the development and implementation of policy in knowledge-based social consultations.
  • We will also build a mobile English version of our websites, because, according to a recent Google report, nearly 60 per cent of readers accessed our website via mobile devices. We will also make a mirror site of all our websites inside China, because they are difficult to access in China. Funds permitting, we will also build a bilingual web portal for China studies including comparative studies on China and work done by Chinese and non-Chinese scholars in English and Chinese.

As an independent charity we could not function without our members’ support through the provision of academic input, expertise, paying fees, or subscriptions to our journal. We are very grateful to all those who have supported us so far. The links for you to continue supporting are here:

If you would like to unsubscribe from the CCPN Global mailing list, please reply to this email with the word UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject line, or click here.

With the warmest regards and have a very happy and prosperous goat year!

Professor Xiangqun Chang

Director of CCPN Global

London, February 2015



继2014年4月复活节给各位的信后,一晃迎来了2015年农历羊年,置此节日到来之际,我给大家拜年了!此信将对全球中国比较研究会的现状及其主要活动 作一个全面的回顾,如欲了解更多详情,请跟随相关的网站链接。希望在新的一年里,尊敬的各位能够继续对我们的活动予以关注和支持。

使命:全 球中国比较研究会,是一个全球性的学术社团,专注于用社会科学、人文科学和比较视野来研究中国(英国公益组织注册号:1154640)。其目的是推进公共 教育(尤其是社会科学)并促进这一主题的全方位的研究,确切地说,是在全球推广中国与华人视野的研究并出版其研究成果,以增进全球的知识量。



当前成果:全球中国比较研究会成 立于2013年4月,其前身为伦敦经济学院中国比较研究网(CCPN),2013年11月19日注册为公益组织。本会主要是基于互联网运作的全球性学术团 体。到目前为止,我们已建立并正在完善五个网站,四个博客(作为全球中国比较研究会与读者互动的途径和平台),一个网店,一个中文移动版,和三个中文的微 信群。


1.作为一个学术平台,全球中国比较研究会组织或参加各种学术活动,例如:2013年我们联合主办一个国际会议“马克斯·韦伯与中国:文化、法律与资本主义”;2014年,我们参与了一系列研讨会和讲座, 学术活动学术交流与政府研究机构交流,并进行了田野考察。迄今为止,我们参与了浙江传媒学院(ZUMC)话语与传播中心的有关硕士课程的设计,获得教育部批准并开始招生, 并与浙江传媒及中国外语出版管理局的国际交流中心共同获得了一项国际传播与话语研究的子课题。我们还参与或帮助、协调了一些研究项目,如社科汉语英美中社会生活比较研究,中英超文化交流,全球公民社会与’全球共生社会’的比较研究,以及在与国家发改委城市和小城镇改革发展中心等单位合作出版中国城镇化与全球化丛书基础上,探讨中国城市化与全球化:文化更新、文明进步与社会发展的项目。

2. 《中国比较研究》 期刊是世界上唯一的用社会与人文科学研究中国的匿名评审的英汉双语季刊 (刊号:ISSN 2040-0837)。自2014年起,于三、六、九和十二月由全球中国出版社出版印刷版。前两期已经出版,第三、四期在进行中。此出版物具有很高的学术质量并深受学者喜爱。

3.全球中国出版社是世界上第一个致力于出版关于中国和华人研究的、把中国和世界放在全球语境下相互审视的英汉双语的学术著作的出版公司,它附属于全球中国比较研究会。我们与各种专业服务建立契约关系,并按照市场价格支付,所有的收益都属于全球中国比较研究会。我们已经出版了《社会建设:中国社会发展的一种模式》,参与了许多有关出版的活动,如读书会、国际会议、并和出版商进行专业交流。我们收到了20多项系列丛书提案,在中国社会学会名誉会长郑杭生教授的帮助下选择了如下系列: 《中华概念》《中华话语》《中华学术》《中华思想》《中国经验》《中国研究》《中国城镇化研究》《读懂中国与世界 》《社科汉语》《全球中国论坛》《华人海外民族志研究》《‘三只眼’视野》。虽然郑先生于2014年11月不幸去世,我们将继续这一工作。目前,部分丛书仍在规划阶段,部分在中国的一些出版社的支持下已经展开。



  • 我们将完成由12人组成的董事会的筹建,包括现有的信托人和特别学术顾问,辅以其他专家和专业人士。
  • 我们将开始推动全球中国比较研究会的产品的市场化。不断完善的网站建设,在已经出版的两期《中国比较研究》的基础上达到定期化。我们的目标是将《中国比较研究》期刊在2015年列入国际社会科学引文索引(SSCI)。
  • 2015年全球中国论坛的题为“超文化与新全球治理:中国现代化进程的区域比较”,将于10月13-14日,在伦敦老皇家海军学院举办。我们将推出《伦敦共识》的文献,由《中国比较研究》发表优秀论文,并出版文集,列入全球中国论坛丛书。
  • 我们参与的所有事件或研究项目要求具以证据为基础的研究的学术贡献,要转化我们的成果,进行以知识为基础的社会顾问。促进和帮助政策研究与实施。
  • 我 们还将建立移动英语版本的网站,根据最近谷歌报告,几乎60%的读者通过移动设备访问我们的网站。我们还将我们所有的网站在中国建立一个镜像站点,因为在 中国访问我们的网站速度太慢。如果资金允许,我们还将建立中国研究包括中国比较研究的华人与非华人学者所做工作的的双语门户网站。









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