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A little more than one month ago I wrote about ‘how to choose Fashion jewellery‘, after several readers asked for it. Needless to say that guide was a popular one, with plenty of people commenting on the post and even more reading it (at least according to my statistics).

Today I would like to talking about the Handbag.

As you will no doubt know, handbags and accessories are a massive market in the UK. People love to have classy looking accessories and add-ons that look smart and carry a really interesting look and feel. However, one of the main things to consider about this is the fact that finding a quality handbag wholesaler to supply your store is quite hard.

handbag styles

handbag styles

There are many options out there and various attributes that you need to take into consideration along the way. When looking for a handbag wholesaler, you need to always be keeping an eye out for some very specific features;

How to find a proper handbag wholesaler online?

For one, the company has to have a reputation – if you look around for them elsewhere on the web, there should be people talking about. Don’t be put off by one or two bad reviews but if you see a consistent chain of the same kind of complaints over and over, you may want to for a different handbag wholesaler.

when you see a company with bad review

You won’t like a company with lots of bad reviews online

Another thing to look for is a strong and easy to find social media presence (Pintrest, google plus, Twitter etc.). A good company will be interacting and helping customers at all times, so make sure you look for someone who is always visible and is offering advice and information to others at all times.

handbag shapes info graphic shared on pinterest

handbag shapes knowledge shared on pinterest by YOKO’s fashion

A big thing to find in any good wholesaler for fashion handbags, as well, is a great website. It should be user-friendly, easy on the eye, responsive, quick, and full of good content and great information about each product. You want to know what you are buying and all of the intricate stuff – you might not get the price, but you will find out a lot about that product if you can find detailed websites.

With all of this in mind, you should always start your search online. Searching in google, or looking through local directories or going for a drive around to try and find something is all well and good, but it’s not exactly going to be the way forward for many people. It takes too long to do this and the leads you find are hard to actually research further at that time. On the web, though, you’ll get a catalogue of details and opinions from all across the web about that company.

Finding the best UK handbag wholesaler for your style, your needs and your format is very important so make sure that you extensively browse the web. Start local and see how far you can realistically go, as you never know what kind of quality you will find when looking for a high-end handbag wholesaler that you can trust to deliver quality goods.

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