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What is Tantra?

In our society one of the most difficult things to learn is to simply say yes to pleasure. Tantra gives permission to say yes and explore the hedonistic experience, to indulge the senses in pursuit of ecstasy.

Tantra literally means a tool for expansion, the word tan translates as expansion and tra means tool. Tantric practices involve expansion on the energetic, psychological and physical levels; the teachings have been used for thousands of years as a tool to expand the boundaries of consciousness.

Part of Tantra belief is that the divine is in everything and everybody, we are encouraged to recognize the god and the goddess within each of us. Tantricas regard Shiva as the inner male energy that is but a corpse without the female energy of Shakti that brings him to life.

Unlike other eastern spiritual practice whose focus is upon suppressing desire and renouncing the material world, Tantra teaches that by harnessing desire and pursuing a state of bliss, we free ourselves from inner conflict and experience life as a flow of sublime energy. No longer restricted by limiting thought patterns, we feel good about our body, we understand its needs, we open up to new sources of pleasure and develop a greater lust for life and a more vibrant sense of self. Such knowledge is liberating. (source: Tantric massage guide)

When practicing the art of Tantra we understand that physical contact is a natural desire that both heals and soothes.Tantra transports us into a space where our sensitivity increases and our feelings of pleasure evoke a blissful state of being.

Having experienced this blissful state, we feel alive and strong, we respect our body and therefore ourselves. This respect filters throughout our lives. The way we now interact with others is more effective, both personally and professionally.

Having discovered Tantra, we are able to respect our bodies, and ourselves. We know how to recharge our energy and our zest for life.

The Tantra massage

Tantra is a mysterious and spiritual system, stepped in Hindu and Buddhist religious wisdom. There are a wide variety oftantric methods applied. Tantra uses a physical touch/ pressure to the chakras; hand movements; special breathing and visualization.


During the Tantric massage, masseuses use a combination of all of these techniques to engage and unite the body and mind. Tantra adopts sexual energy as a way of realizing enlightenment, and reconnecting with the whole of the body and mind.

The magical allure between man and woman that is capable of creating new life is a powerful and natural driving force. The way for a man and woman can express this ecstasy is through touch. Tantric massage involves the exploration of the entire body through touch to create a deeper, more satisfying connection, with yourself and your partner’s energy. Tantra aims to bring out this natural, enchanting and loving energy, giving you more oomph, vigor and beauty in your life.

The way in which we touch ultimately plays a huge role in tantra. People store tension in their bodies and in todays stressful society it is so easy to be a million miles away, worrying and hectic, the tantric massages are designed to gently reacquaint you with your entire body and invite you be totally present. When people touch usually it is in a rush with all this underlying tension. Tantra seeks to slow everything down and start at the beginning. If you think of your mind, body and spirit as components in an engine, tantra is the oil that maintains the optimum performance, enabling all parts to come together and work beautifully, as an engine without oil is disastrous. In this way tantra seeks to unite all facets of our being, in the intimate mechanics of us and our partner, seeking to make the engine pur, creating waves of arousal energy with peaks and troughs of orgasmic pleasure.

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