Cheap London Hotels


Let’s face it not everyone that comes to stay in London can afford to stay in 5 star hotels. The credit crunch in 2010 has affected the posher parts of London too you know!

You may be looking for a Cheap London hotel that is central and within easy reach of all of London’s main attractions. You want somewhere to stay that is basic, clean and that will not break the bank.


Many Cheap London Hotels advertise deals on their own website with special prices if you book more than 21 days in advance with some rooms as cheap as just £30. It is important to remember that these deals are non refundable so you should be sure of your arrangements before you book.

There are many Cheap London Hotel chains that do constant low prices and you can usually pick up a room for around £50 a night depending on which area of London that you are looking at. These chains include such names as Premier Inn and Travelodge also the slightly more expensive Holiday Inn. Chains are always a good idea as you know exactly what you get for your money and the accommodation will be the same wherever you decide to stay.

Cheap London Hotels are always in fierce competition with each other so it is always worth shopping around for the best deal. Also you can find more Cheap London Hotels if you are prepared to stay slightly outside London. These areas would include destinations to the North and the South of London.

Cheap London Hotels are generally classified as 3 star accommodations. This means that the rooms are very basis and there may not be such added luxuries as free shampoo and room service. If you can afford to live without these little luxuries then a Cheap London Hotel is the ideal place for you to stay.

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