Interesting Things to buy: the Satellite Panties


An amazing new invention caught our eye the other day, what with all the chat about christmas presents. And we where not the first, as this ingenious gift (and we know how you boys love your gadgets) drew more than a million visitors to their website proporting to sell knickers that contained an clever tracking device. According to their web site each pair of forget-me-not-panties is invisibility fitted with a tiny GPS gadget that allows you to pinpoint the wearers exact location at all times. Ideal if you want to keep track of the girlfriend, misses or want to know where your daughter is when staying out late at night?


Worry no more thanks to technology developed by the US military. Not only do the panties send the location of the wearer to a PC, mobile phone, iphone or blackberry they also contain a body-temperature and heart-rate sensor to alert you if she is up to know good.

They where marketed as a form of chastity device but unlike cumbersome chastity belts of the past, these panties are 100% cotton, washable and reportedly sumptuously comfortable.

Yeah right! Don’t believe me? Check out their web site for full details

But when you try to order (as if) you’ll soon learn that it was an elaborate hoax – pretty clever we thought but the girls here at our model agency (where I worked) wondered if they will ever be developing a pair of Forget-me-not-boxers for men. We guess not :O)

In the meantime forget about new technology and give us a call and enjoy the simple pleasures that our girls just love to dish out.

I wish some time maybe somebody might develop something like this for jewellery – a special fashion jewellery with such interesting function…

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