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Japanese massages are the new in thing among massage aficionados with the number of people requesting for Japanese massages in London increasing recently. Japanese massage, also known as Nuad Japanese or Nuad Boran is one of the prime healing techniques in traditional Japanese medicine and is now renowned all over the world.

Japanese massage in London

As a massage lover, I have tried quite a lot of massage service in London. A Japanese massage in London is a blend of acupressure, massage and yoga mixed skilfully together to form a great massage experience. It is practiced as a form of regenerating the energy lines in the body that are connected to the soul of a person and has been practiced for centuries. The different strokes in the massage manage the energy flow of the body and take a person to another world of relaxation.

a japanese nuru massage

a japanese nuru massage

During a session of oriental massage London, the masseuse will guide, stroke and massage your body by implementing yoga postures. The person receiving the massage is constantly moved while the masseuse will lie on the back of the client, gently stroking and stretching the limbs of the body. That is another reason why people generally call it Yoga Massage.

The Japanese massage is thought to have originated in the 16th century and has roots in both Indian and Chinese medicine. The characteristics are similar to Asian or Tantric massages. A Japanese massage is very versatile and different than any other Western massage. To find out more about Japanese massages in London, let’s have a look at the characteristics of a asian massage London:

1. The client is required to be fully dressed during the massage.
2. Massage oil is not used.
3. The massage is not done on a table, but on a massage mat spread on the floor.
4. The therapist will use different yoga techniques to massage the body, using their elbows, arms, feet and hands.
5. The client has to change their position constantly while receiving the massage.
6. The massage is not based on physical anatomy but on energy lines in the body.

Japanese massages in London deal with the stress in the mind and the soul of a person. The client is clothed throughout the massage and nothing sexual or arousing is hinted at during the entire session.

There are innumerable benefits of a Japanese massage in London which is the reason behind its overwhelming demand and popularity. Let’s have a look at the benefits of Japanese massage:

1. Improves circulation of blood in the body.
2. Allows for greater range of motion and flexibility.
3. Tones the muscles in the body and makes them stronger.
4. Relieves the body of pain.
5. Relaxation of the mind and soul.
6. Increases energy levels in the body.

A Japanese service in London is not the solution for any long term injuries and people should not look at it as a form of treatment for any pain or medical condition they are going through. Japanese tantric massages work best when they are induced and undertaken with a healthy lifestyle and herbal medication. The person receiving the treatment should also have spiritual devotion to enjoy all the benefits.


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