Modi likely to be pragmatic toward China


New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing at the launch of a new mobile app 'BHIM' to encourage e-transactions during the ''Digital Mela'' at Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi on Friday. PTI Photo by Subhav Shukla (PTI12_30_2016_000126A)

Modi likely to be pragmatic toward China

Global Times

14 May 2014

With election results due tomorrow morning, Chinese seem to be quite positive about Modi coming to power. In my 7-day trip to Shanghai (5-11 May 2014) to various think tanks like the Academy of World Watch and universities like SUIBE, I realized the extent to which Modi is popular with the young Chinese!

“Modi, 63, who serves as chief minister of Gujarat in western India, is famed for his pro-business approach, and has made four trips to China to woo Chinese investment.”

“In a 2011 issue of The Economist, Gujarat was described as “India’s Guangdong,” as the state accounted for 5 percent of India’s population but 16 percent of its industrial output and 22 percent of its exports.”

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