The impact of changing demographics


The impact of changing demographics

10 July 2013

“One of the major projections is India’s emergence as the world’s most populous country in another fifteen years. India’s population is expected to equal China’s by 2028 and subsequently overtake it.”

“While the Indian population is expected to become more than China’s by 2030, Nigeria is expected to overtake China as the second most populous country by the end of the century. Nigeria’s current population is 173 million. Its population growth will be almost explosive as it is projected to surpass the US’ population by the middle of the century and match China’s by the end.”

“Countries like India and Indonesia need to take particular note of investment opportunities in Africa, because despite having a lower fertility rate, they will still have positive population growth for a long time and will thus have young workers. China and Brazil, in contrast, are already experiencing falling fertility rates, aging populations and older workforces. India and Indonesia – more than China and Brazil – will need to create adequate jobs for the increasing number of entrants to their job markets, for which they have to invest in other economies and markets. African countries seem to be the best choice for them, because in that case the changing global demographics can also produce more active South-South cooperation.”

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