The Economist

4 March 2010

Female infanticide is a big problem in China and India. Both developing nations needs to change its policies and more so the mentality of its people through education, awareness and justice.

“Women are missing in their millions—aborted, killed, neglected to death. In 1990 an Indian economist, Amartya Sen, put the number at 100m; the toll is higher now.”

“Most people know China and northern India have unnaturally large numbers of boys. But few appreciate how bad the problem is, or that it is rising. In China the imbalance between the sexes was 108 boys to 100 girls for the generation born in the late 1980s; for the generation of the early 2000s, it was 124 to 100. In some Chinese provinces the ratio is an unprecedented 130 to 100.”

“Within China and India the areas with the worst sex ratios are the richest, best-educated ones.”

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