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About us

Global Century Press (GCP company No.: 8892970), a subsidiary trading company of Global China Institute, is the first publisher in the world dedicated to publishing social scientific and humanities academic and popular books bilingually, focusing on studies of China in comparative perspective, Chinese perspectives of the world or human knowledge, and non-Chinese perspectives of China in a global context. It publishes a range of publications, from academic journals, edited volumes from selected conference papers and theme-based articles, to research monographs, book series, teaching and learning material of Chinese for social sciences, and reference books. The works are published in various forms, such as print, electronic versions, video, audio, on internet and mobile internet. More…

Journal of China in Comparative Perspective (JCCP)

 Journal of China in Comparative Perspective (JCCP) is the only peer-reviewed bilingual journal for social scientific, hamanities and comparative studies of China in the world, published quarterly in March, June, September and December in print (ISSN 2040-0837) by Global China Press from 2014. JCCP encourages contributors to put the material about China into comparative perspective in JCCP as much as they can. JCCP will not be simply about China (there are already a large amount of excellent China journals). It will be about looking at China from a comparative viewpoint as a player in broader patterns of development, ideas, movements, networks, and systems. Comparison includes taking China as a case study of a generally applicable theory, or drawing analytic conclusions from comparative data about China and some other country or context. The comparison may be regional or global, historical or contemporary, and it may involve a comparison of perceptions, China’s perceptions of others and others’ perceptions of China in the context of China’s encounter with the outside world in the political, economic, military, and cultural sense. More…

Chinese for Social Sciences

Chinese for Social Sciences – These are books for the study of the Chinese language, a branch of ‘Chinese for Specific Purposes’ (CSP), for example ‘Chinese for science and technology’ or ‘business Chinese’. They will include guidance and tuition on intermediate level reading, advanced level reading, analysis of difficult sentences in English–Chinese translation or in Chinese–English translation, dictionaries of dialect/loan words in English, and phrases/glossaries for the social sciences. It is in Chinese lanuage, edited by Dr Dongning Feng, Senior Lecturer in Translation Studies, SOAS, University of London, published by Global China Press.

Corpus Approach to Chinese Social Science

With the enhancement of interdisciplinary awareness, linguistic methods, such as corpus based discourse, has been applied to sociology, ethnography, cultural studies, psychology, cognitive science and computer science, etc. In the past decade Chinese social scientists are seeking for new methods in analyzing large quantity of texts in addition to quantitative and qualitative analysis. For example, the Contemporary China Social Life Data and Research Center (CCSLC), Fudan University has collected unique set of data on contemporary Chinese social life since 1949, consists of more than 210,000 personal correspondences, over 1,000 books of personal notes, diaries, huge information of the history of personal life, as well as large amount of interview notes, and monographs. It is inevitably adopted as a default resource for the research which language matters. Inspirited by the ESRC Centre of Corpus Approaches to Social Science (CASS) at Lancaster University, CCPN Global engages the CASS, the CCSLC of Fudan University and the RCDC (the Research Centre for Discourse and Communication, Zhejiang University of Media and Communication), together developing the programme of the CACSS. The marks starting point for launching the Corpus Approach to Chinese Social Science in order tointroduce related work and engage further discussions with people who are interested in this initiative.

Global China Dialogue proceedings series

Global China Dialogue (GCD) is series of event with the key concepts ‘transculturality’ and social creativity to enhance public understanding of current global affairs and common interests via public dialogue and discussion between Chinese and non-Chinese academics, experts, professionals and practitioners and interested laypeople, from interdisciplinary and comparative perspectives. The GCD proceedings series consists of collected work from each of the Global China Dialogue, founded in 2014. It organized collaboratively by CCPN GlobalLau China Institute, King’s College London,The China Media Centre, University of Westminster, and YES (The Young Entrepreneur Society). It is edited by Xiangqun Chang, Costanza Pernigotti and David Feng, publishes jointly between Global China Press and New World Press in English and Chinese dual languages. As a fruit of the year of 2015 UK-China Cultural Exchange, volume 1 of the Global China Dialogues Proceedings series is published in both English and Chinese. This volume will also be published in a combined English and Chinese edition, as will future volumes (right cover).

Global China Book Series

The idea of publishing the China and the Chinese in Comparative Perspective Book Series is a further development of China in Comparative Perspective. It was originally suggested in 2012, by Professor Martin Albrow, Honorary Vice President of the British Sociological Association (BSA) and founding Editor of International Sociology, the idea was supported by Professor ZHENG Hangsheng, the then Honorary President of the Chinese Sociological Association (CSA) and formerly Vice President of Renmin University, China. The book series expanded further as the ‘Global China Book Series’, to be edited by leading scholars in each topic. Although Professor Zheng Hangsheng sadly passed away suddenly in November 2014, all the book series, described below, will nevertheless be published in English and Chinese from 2015 by Global China Press.

Transcultural Experiences with ‘Three Eyes’ – Over the past 500 years, the contacts and exchanges between China and the West are more and more intensive, but the depth of their mutual understanding is still subject to the limitations of various factors. Due to differences in history, culture and ideological confrontation, there are still misunderstandings and even prejudices against each other. The authors of this series are Chinese, either from mainland China or Overseas Chinese, or non Chinese, offering three dimensions or perspectives (three eyes), namely time, space and place, to examine their transcultural experiences comparatively themselves, China, or the countries where they live.

Globalization of Chinese Social Sciences

China Urbanization Studies – Joseph Eugene Stiglitz, laureate of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences, once named urbanization in China and the new technical revolution led by the United States as the two great events shaping the world of the 21st century. British specialist Tom Miller refers to China’s urbanization as “the greatest migration in human history.”This book series will select the best work on Chinese urbanization from inside and outside China, featuring Chinese and non-Chinese perspectives and empirical and policy-oriented studies, as well as macroscopic and microscopic research.

Chinese Concepts – This consists include two parts: native Chinese concepts and other concepts seen from a Chinese perspective. For example, ‘society building’ was proposed by Chinese scholars based on studies of Chinese society. It made a contribution to the existing general sociological concept ‘community building. For the latter, every concept is required to have a review section on studies of non-Chinese society in order to form a contrast with the Chinese perspective. It is expected this book series will make additions to related existing studies from studying of Chinese society.

Chinese Discourse – Based on Chinese social scientific material and systematic documentation of Chinese usage patterns and methodological innovations, this book series will focus on society, culture, social interaction, communication, etc., from sociolinguistic, comparative and functionalist perspectives, discourse and conversation analysis, corpus linguistics, cognitive linguistics and typological studies. It will explore interactive mechanisms between Chinese discourse and global discourse.

Understanding China and the World – This series presents and promotes understanding of China and the world comprehensively from Chinese and non-Chinese perspectives, for example putting China in the context of globalization and other world issues.

Understanding Chinese People

Other book series are under development, e.g.

  1. Chinese Academy – This series will conduct a comprehensive review, within a global framework, of Chinese academic achievements at home and abroad over a hundred years since the foundation of the Republic of China. It will be divided into three series: disciplines (social sciences, natural sciences, humanities); countries and regions; and interdisciplinary research themes (e.g. 20 topics from the Journal of China in Comparative Perspective).
  2. Chinese Thoughts – Each of the books will focus on a topic that non-Chinese social scientists or scholars have not covered, in order to present a contrast between Chinese and non-Chinese thinking in relevant areas
  3. Chinese Experiences – Selected work from our Global China Forums will be published in this book series, which stresses experiences of China’s modernization from a comparative perspective.
  4. China Studies – This book series was published in the 1980s by New World Press. It is the first such book series by Chinese scholars in English. It will be republished jointly by New World Press and Global China Press.
  5. Chinese Overseas Ethnographic Studies – These books are written in Chinese, edited by Gao Bingzhong and published by Peking University Press. Global China Press is commissioning translation for publication in English.





全球世纪出版社 (GCP 公司注册号:8892970), 全球中国研究院旗下的子公司, 是世界上首家致力于在全球语境下出版双语的社科与人文的专业及大众书籍的出版社。全球世纪出版社专注于出版中国比较研究的著述,还包括在全球语境下对世界和人类知识研究的中华视野,以及对中国研究的非中华视野。出版的范围广泛,如学术期刊,会议或基于主题的论文集,研究专著,丛书社科汉语教材以及工具书。出版的形式多样,如印刷版、电子版、音像,网络及其移动网络版。 更多… …


《中国比较研究》(JCCP)是世界上唯一的用社会科学、人文科学和比较视野研究中国的匿名评审的双语季刊, 于2014年起由全球中国出版社每 年三、六、九、十二月出版印刷版 (刊号 ISSN 2040-0837)。《中国比较研究》鼓励所有文章都经可能与中国比较研究相关,它不仅只是有关中国——业内已有数份有关中国研究的优秀期刊。本刊旨在 从比较视野 观察中国,及其于更广范围内之发展、 理念、运动、关系和制度。比较研究包括以中国为专题案例,适用于一般性的应用理论,或从有关中国及他国或范畴之比较数据得出分析性结论。该比较可区域、可 全球,可历史、可当代,亦可为视角性的比较——中国对他者之观察及中国在政治、经济、军事、文化领域与外界接触时,他者对中国之观察。 更多… …


《社科汉语研究》 , 专门用途汉语 (CSP) 中的一个分支,如“科技汉语”或“商务汉语”。 近年来,英国学术院发表了三个报告:《语言很重要》(2009年)、《语言越来越重要》(2011年)和《语言:民族国家》(2013年),并于2011 年发起了题为“说话的未来”的语言运动。全球中国比较研究会支持这一运动主要体现在在对语言后面的深层含义和综合理解方面。全球中国比较研究会与伦敦大学亚非学院中国和内亚语言文化系正在研发“社科汉语”项目。社科汉语”即特定用途汉语(CSP)的一个 分支,如“科技汉语”或“商务汉语”。《社科汉语研究》为中文版,包括两部分:阅读,翻译(英汉和汉英双 向互译)。由伦敦大学翻译中心前主任、冯东宁博士主编,全球中国出版社出版。




全球中国对话文集系列是于2014年创设的”全球中国对话“的内容结集而成。全球中国对话是一项以“超文化” (transculturality)和社会创造为核心概念系列活动,旨在从跨学科的和比较的视野,通过华人和非华人学者、专家、专 业人士、从业者以及感兴趣的者们的公共对话和讨论,提高公众对当前全球事务和共同感兴趣的话题的理解。除了大专院校、研究部门和专业智库之外,全球中国对 话/论坛也将与中国和其他国家政府、国际组织、媒体和出版单位等密切合作,长期跟踪全球热点话题,为中国和华人参与全球治理、推进全球公共利益等提供了一个平台。全球中国对话由全球中国比较研究会、英国伦敦国王学院中国研究院、威斯敏斯特大学中国传媒中心和和全球青年企业家协会联合主办。主编:常向群、裴可诗和冯琰。由全球中国出版社与新世界出版社合作出版英汉双语版。作为2015年中英文化交流年活动的一项成果,此套文集系列的第一集为中英文、中文和英汉双语三种,以后仅出版英汉双语文集(如右封面)。


编 撰中华比较研究系列丛书的创意来自进一步拓展中国比较研究领域。英国社会学会荣誉副主席、《国际社会学》创刊主编、伦敦经济学院中国比较研究网首席高级研 究员马丁·阿尔布劳 (Martin Albrow) 教授,于2012年提出了出版系列丛书的建议,得到中国社会学会名誉会长、中国人民大学前副校长郑杭生教授的大力支持,“中华比较研究系列丛书”被进一步 拓展为“全球中国系列丛书”,他们分别担任以下不同系列的合作总编,并邀请相关学者主编其他系列丛书。尽管郑杭生教授于2014年11月突然病逝,全球中国出版社将于2015年陆续出版以下12套丛书。目前,全球中国出版社正在与国内多家出版社合作,将优秀的著作推介到英语世界。

《三只眼转文化》 – 近五百年来,中西方之间的接触与交流越来越广泛,但是其相互理解的深度仍受到各种因素的局限。由于历史文化的差异和意识形态的对立,彼此之间仍存在着对对方的误解乃至偏见。 本系列丛书要求作者是生活在中国大陆或海外的华人, 用时间、空间和地方三个纬度或视野(“三只眼”)来审视他们自身、中国及世界即他们所生活的地方。

《中国城镇化研究》 – 诺贝尔经济学奖得主斯蒂格利茨说:中国的城市化和以美国为首的新技术革命将成为影响人类21世纪的两件大事。英国专家汤姆·米勒将中国的城镇化称为“人类历史上最大规模的迁徙”。这套丛书将从国内外关于中国城镇化研究的著作中选择优秀著述翻译出版,它包括华人和非华人视野,包括经验研究和政策研究,宏观研究和微观研究。

《中华概念》 – 包括两部分:本土概念和已有的概念。关于后者每个概念均要求有一部分对非华人学者的相关研究做一评议,在此基础上提出通过华人的视野对中国社会的研究中提出的新发现的内容。

《中华话语》– 基于中国社会科学研究的素材、范式和创新的方法上产生的系统的文献,本系列将从社会语言学、比较和功能主义的视野、话语和谈话分析法、语料库、认知语言学,类型学研究等聚焦在社会、文化、互动、沟通等现象,提炼中华话语,探讨与全球相关话语的关系和互动与互补机制。

  1. 《中华学术》 – 在全球人类知识大厦的框架里,全面系统地梳理民国以来百余年海内外中华学者的学术成果,分为三个系列: 学科(社会科学、自然科学、人文科学),国家与地区(国家和区域研究),以及跨学科的主题研究(如中国比较研究的20个主题)。
  2. 《中华思想》 – 要求每本书的作者在论题中提出的思想未曾被非华人社会科学家或学者讨论过,使华人学者和非华人学者在研究的相关领域形成对比。
  3. 《中国经验》 – 这套丛书将收入我们的以“中国经验”为主题的全球中国论坛的相关论文,它着重于中国现代化进程的经验教训与其它发展中国家和地区之比较研究
  4. 《中国研究》 – 这套丛书是新世界出版社于1980年代出版的”中国研究“系列丛书的英文版,它是首次中国学者用英文出版的关于中国研究的丛书.该丛书将由新世界出版社与全球中国出版社合作再版。
  5. 《读懂中国与世界 》 – 把中国置于全球语境下、用华人和非华人的比较视野或镜像效应来研究中国与世界。
  6. 《华人海外民族志研究》 – 这套《走进世界·海外民族志大系》(中文版)由北京大学社会学系高丙中教授主编、北京大学出版社出版。其英文版由全球中国出版社组织翻译出版。
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