My Tantra Massage Lounge


The Genesis and Reopening

Since 2006, I set up an original concept of services tantriques among which the massages to make you share this art millennium. Until April, 2007, Tantra Lounge built its fame and as massagère tantrique it is a big enrichment for me to share this rite with you dear guests. For personal reasons, Tantra Lounge interrupted its activities a long moment, but is back always by offering you the excellent service and the passion renewed by its massagères. During this break, I pursued my step ressourcements and trainings and while concocting you an even more exotic rite for the Awakening of all your senses! Learn more about me.

The Approach

The Approach of Tantra Lounge is a place of sharing and teaching of the Art to love, an initiation into the sacred intimacy and the exploration of the way of the intimacy crowned for the man, the woman and the couple avid to bloom from the point of view of their sexuality. In Tantra Lounge, we invite men, women and couples to develop, by simple practices:

  • A deeper and more authentic intimacy with one and his(her) or his(her) partner…(learn more about tantric massage for couples)
  • A sexual life prints of the atmosphere of the sacred…
  • A harmonious sexual energy, and…
  • The kundalini to reach states of the Amur without Limit, Ecstasy and Union.

Furthermore, in Tantra Lounge, it will be taught to the women how to take up with their body in all their femininity, their eroticism and their sexuality and to the men(people) to find their capacity of abandonment(renunciation) to re-connect in their body, check(control) him(it) completely and feel all the ecstatic scale. A progress, by diverse studios(workshops), in the course of which will be proposed to them, men and women will find the ways of the communion, without taboo nor barrier allowing them to live together in a harmonious and spread way. The means used by Tantra Lounge to meet its objectives are:

  1. The Tantric Massage in individual session lasting 90 min
  2. The Tantric Massage and the Rituals in individual session lasting 120 min.
  3. The Tantric Massage and Rites in session couples lasting 180 min.
  4. Workshops and Trainings

Read the FAQs about tantric massage

The Development

So, in a moved closer future, I shall allow to open even more the horizons of Tantra Lounge and to offer you workshops on the Art of Love, the tantric sexuality and some other rites.

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