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It is what Tantra?

During are the massage, us all the 2 naked ones?

It does he have seems that one can touch the massage goddess, any restrictions?

How long does the massage of the lingam or yoni last?

In addition to are Lingam, yoni which erogenous zones will be massaged?

Another thing which would enable me to include/understand well what is a tantra massage?

What is Kundalini?

It is what Tantra?

Tantra goes up at the night of times. It is not easy to date its appearance, it would seem that Tantra was born in India before the invasion from the Aryan ones. Etymologiquement, the word is made “Tan” sanscrite root which have the direction of “weaving” and “Tra” which has the direction of lesson and methods. Tantra is in fact a unit, a weaving of methods which allow a better circulation of energy in our body and with our partner to arrive at more conscience, more softness and of relieving in the life. In occident, Tantra often reduced and is assimilated to strictly sexual practices. Actually, the knowledge of the writings of Tantra much wider and is led to experiments much major than the pleasure: they carry out to a harmony of energies man-woman, carefully cultivated, which enables you to reach a feeling transcendantal of love, a raised conscience, and a terrestrial experiment of the divine and cosmic union. The power of Art to tantric love can be lived through simple practices, with the range of everyone. If the idea to transform the intimate and emotional aspects of your life and/or your your couple so that they agree better to your spiritual course interests you, With the wire of the meetings, you will learn…

how to create a major and more authentic intimacy…
how to surround your intimacy of environment of crowned…
how to harmonize your sexual energy with that of your partner, and…
how to benefit from this energy to reach in states of love without limits, extase and union.

During are the massage, us all the 2 naked ones?

It preferable for is masseuse to be naked so that all the parts of the body is accessible. However, if that returns to you badly at ease, a towel can be offered to you. The experts are vêtues of a very light and sensual behaviour and that for the simple one and good reason which it is much more érotisant to slightly see a woman that completely naked. It however is left with the discretion of the masseuse undress herself completely if she it desire.

It does he have seems that massed can touch the Masseuse, any restrictions?

Indeed, the touches, the caresses carefully and sensual are accepted. Very purely sexual gesture of nature is not authorized. Moreover, the tantric experiment thus requires a great passivity on behalf of the guest could not be satisfying. If you seek an exchange of sexual caresses, the service of Tantra Lounge is not appropriate to you.

For a tantric massage focus on sexual pleasure, we recommend you to find other tantric massage temples such as CLOUD9 Tantric or Extatic Tantric Massage

How long does the massage of the lingam or yoni last?

The massage of the lingam or yoni begins after approximately 30 minutes. The first 30 minutes are devoted to touches of relaxation of the body so that it is ready with feeling and teasing well slowly massed. At the time of the body to body massage, the lingam is of course touched. The massage of the lingam or yoni lasts between 15 and 30 minutes according to each individual.

Learn more about the lingam massage and yoni experience in white Lotus east.

In addition to are Lingam, yoni which erogenous zones will be massage?

The face, the neck, ears, the aiselles ones, centres and pectoral. Interior of the thighs, buttocks, testicles, the prostate outside (between the anus and the base of the scrotum), feet etc.

Another thing which would enable me to include/understand well what is a massage tantric?

Here a link for you help with better including/understanding than is a massage given in the spirit tantric: vadayatantra

What is Kundalini?

Kundalinî is a concept closely related to yoga and more or less explicit in its teaching, according to the school of yoga in the lesson yoguic and tantric, Kundalinî (according to a Sanskrit term, kundal meaning “buckles”) indicates a powerful energy being coiled in the bone sacrum. It is represented like a snake rolled up on itself three times and half. By the practice of an authentic meditation, Kundalinî wakes up and goes up along the spinal column since the bone sacrum until the fontanelle one, progressing of one will chakra with the other in order to harmonize them one by one. Yoga teaches that this energy carries the conscience of Self, and that awakening of Kundalini led to the realization, by the practitioner, of his higher conscience. Various practices make it possible to wake up Kundalini, of which Sahaja Yoga, Kundalinî Yoga (to which belonged the massage). In general, these practices are considered to allow freedom of movement of this energy.

*Please note that we are not a massage parlour and we do not provide massage services, we are purely sharing useful information to people that intersted in tantric massage.

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