The Tantric Massage


A tantric massage is an invitation to experience something new, that you have never felt before. In every touch and every feeling you discover ever new nuances of refined pleasure leading you into a world of ecstasy.

The sensual touches that you experience in a tantric massage are like a soft electrical current that runs through your body. Your body is vibrating with pleasure and becomes one enormous erogenous zone.

Here you discover one of the secrets of tantra, which is also one of the keys to make love for many hours and to experience more and more intensive states of ecstasy. A conscious relaxed state allows you to enjoy continuously increasing pleasure. That is why tantric massage starts with touches which allow you to enter into this state of relaxation. All you have to do is to be open.

The skillfull hands of your masseuse and the special tantric techniqüs that she uses, will allow you even during the massage, to experience more and more intense pleasure while being consciously relaxed. In this way you can learn to explore boundaries beyond your wildest imagination.

The essential component of a London tantric massage session is the sacred dimension of this experience, so, we can say that: “A tantric massage is not a massage with some transfiguration added; it is transfiguration with some massage added…”

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