A fashion scarf can highlight the look of any outfit and bring out your personality. You can carry a scarf in a number of ways, but, picking out the right scarf is the ultimate goal to jazz up the overall look. Choosing the right scarf is like an art. You need to understand the complexities of color and avoid some big fashion blunders.UK scarf represent a personal style. The right color, right fabric and style must be close to your personal style. You have to make sure to select the right style that flatters your body figure. Therefore, you should remember the following guidelines to choose the right scarf for yourself.

Below is different scarves I bought online.

a comparison of fashion scarf

a comparison of fashion scarf , Credit : Yoko’s

Scarf Color

Choosing the right color of the scarf is important. A simple outfit can be highlighted with just the right color of the scarf. Don’t underestimate the power of colors. They add a lot of volume to the outfit. The neutrals can go with any dress or color. The bright colored scarf would look vibrant on something simple and plain in a neutral color. Black or neutrals are always classy and they pair with anything and still give that extra twist to your outfits.

Personal tones

Buy scarf that compliments the color of your skin tone and hair. They should bring out the color of your eyes, rather than give a flat look. The safest bet would be to choose the one that makes the face look vibrant and bright.

scarves in different color

scarves in different color


Size matters in all the fashion accessories. Therefore; the size of the fashion scarf has to be just right.  It should not be too big or too small. A bigger scarf is much better than a huge scarf. Scarves come in a number of sizes. You can choose the one that reflects your personal style and wrap up nicely around your neck.

Bigger scarves usually work for winter. You can play around with the sizes by trying various knots and styles of wearing a scarf.

Patterns and textures

Release your inner diva with the best patterned scarf to go with your outfit. A patterned scarf would really amp up a plain dress. Thus, try to find the right texture and pattern to mix and match with your outfit.

Less is always more. Therefore, don’t go overboard with the patterns. Complex pattern can spoil the whole façade of your dress. A simple geometric design can help you show up the Fashionista inside you.


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