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Global China Academy

 The Global China Institute (GCI, former name CCPN Global, charity No.: 1154640, an affiliate member of The Academy of Social Sciences), is a UK-based academic institution that aims to promote the study of China in comparative perspective in all aspects, and to participate in the building and governance of a global society. As a bridge between China and the rest of world, the Chinese and the non-Chinese, GCI produces both global public good and global public goods to serve for all mankind. It consists of the following departments which also participate in different professional activities separately as independent brands.

CCPN Global (China in Comparative Perspective Network Global) engages in work on China in comparative perspective, mainly via a global network and a peer-reviewed journal (JCCP). It was formerly known as CCPN at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) before 2014. The phrase: ‘China and the Chinese from a comparative perspective’, means to use the case of China or the Chinese as a comparator to compare, contemporarily and historically, with other countries or regions in interdisciplinary, multiple engagements, across institutions, and transnational approaches for advancing general knowledge. We are multi-disciplinary and anticipate linking and pooling the expertise of all experts on China seeking comparative approaches and facilitating collaborative studies on China in its Asian and global contexts. More…
Journal of China in Comparative Perspective (JCCP) is the only peer-reviewed academic journal for social sciences, humanities and comparative studies on China in the world, published biannually in English and Chinese editions, by the Global Century Press from 2015 in print and online (ISSN 2040-0837). It looks at China from a comparative viewpoint as a player in broader patterns of development, ideas, movements, networks, and systems. Comparison includes using China as a case study to examine a generally applicable theory, or drawing analytic conclusions from comparative data about China and some other country or context. Honorary Editor: Stephan Feuchtwang (LSE, UK), Editor: Xiangqun Chang (Global China Institute; UCL, UK), Review Editor: Keith Jackson (SOAS, UK; Doshisha University, Japan), Associate Editors: Matthew Wills (University of California, UCSD, USA) and Costanza Pernigotti (Global China Institute, UK; ZUMC,China). More…

Global Century Press (GCP company No.: 8892970), a subsidiary trading company of Global China Institute, is the first publisher in the world dedicated to publishing social scientific and humanities academic and popular books bilingually, focusing on studies of China in comparative perspective, Chinese perspectives of the world or human knowledge, and non-Chinese perspectives of China in a global context. It publishes a range of publications, from academic journals, edited volumes from selected conference papers and theme-based articles, to research monographs, book series, teaching and learning material of Chinese for social sciences, and reference books. The works are published in various forms, such as print, electronic versions, video, audio, on internet and mobile internet. More…

Global China Thinktank is a knowledge-based think tank that exists to create a public platform for social consultancy in a global society. It is initially formed by ‘Knowledge transfer’ and ‘Public engagements’ of CCPN Global.Instead of transferring a particular knowledge to a specific field. Global China Thinktank is specially keen to transfer knowledge of Chinese social sciences and humanities into a global society, as a kind of ‘global transfer of knowledge’, or ‘globalization of knowledge’ from China and the Chinese perspectives. More…>

Global China Dialogue (GCD) annual forums emphasise the concepts of transculturality and social creativity in seeking to enhance public understanding of global affairs and common interests via public dialogue and discussion between Chinese and non-Chinese academics, experts, professionals and practitioners and interested laypeople, from interdisciplinary and comparative perspectives. Topics of dialogue will range from China development, education, language and culture to government and politics, economics, migration, the family, climate change, the environment, public health, and human security, and global governance, etc.More…

Global China Social Enterprise explores mechanisms for the sustainable development of non-profit organizations throughout the world. It was initialised jointly by CCPN Global and UVIC Group which undertakes all the business for the Global China Institute, from fund raising, venue rental, registration, media campaigns, publication and printing of related materials, to social consultancyMore…

The Global China Ecommerce provides a platform for Global China Institute related organizations to conduct their business and complete transactions electronically. It is used by the following organizations:Global China InstituteCCPN GlobalJournal of China in Comparative PerspectiveGlobal China DialogueGlobal China PressGlobal China UnitGlobal China LimitedGlobal China EcommerceMore…

Global China Institute’s features

    1. A UK-based Unique Academic Institute that aims to promote the study of China in comparative perspective in all aspects, and to participate in the building and governance of a global society.
    2. The sole English and Chinese Bilingual Website in the English Speaking World on China from Social Sciences, Humanities & Comparative Perspectives
    3. The only Global Network and Peer-reviewed Academic Journal for Social Sciences, Humanities & Comparative Studies on China in the World
    4. The First Publisher in the World Dedicated to Publishing Social Scientific and Humanities Academic and Popular Books Bilingually in a Global Context
    5. A knowledge-based Thinktank Aiming to Bring Resources from China, Chinese and Comparative Studies for Participation in Shaping a Global Society
    6. Global Dialogue with the Concepts of Transculturality and Social Creativity to Enhance Public Understanding of Global Affairs and Participating in Global Governance
    7. A Social Enterprise Explores Mechanisms for the Sustainable Development of Non-profit Organizations Throughout the World
    8. A Ecommerce Provides a Platform for Global China Institute Related Organizations to Conduct Their Business and Complete Transactions Electronically.

Global China Institute supports

The Campaign for Social Science was launched by the Academy of Social Sciences and supported by UK’s major universities and institutions.

The Campaign for Languages Speak to the Future was initiated by the British Academy as part of its Language and Quantitative Skills Programme


      全球中国研究院 (由全球中国比较研究会升级更名,公益组织注册号:1154640,英国社会科学院的成员单位),是基于英国的全方位地促进中国比较研究并参与全球社会的社会建设和社会治理的全球性学术机构。作为作为中外沟通之桥梁,它生产全球性的公益事业和全球公共物品为全人类服务,同时参与型塑全球社会以及全球社会的治理和全球社会的社会建设。全球中国研究院由以下六个部门组成,它们既是全球中国研究院的组成部分,各自也以独立的品牌从事不同的专业活动。

      全球中国比较研究会(CCPN Global), 主要是通过其全球网络和匿名评审的期刊《中国比较研究》从事中国比较研究的相关的工作。其前身为英国伦敦经济学院中国比较研究网(CCPN)。所谓’中国和华人与世界和他人作比较研究’,是指把中国和华人作为参照系,与其他国家和地区的、当代的或历史的论题,运用跨学科、 跨机构、跨国家的、跨文化、以及与政府、各实际工作部门多元合作的方法,把中国纳入亚洲和全球的背景下作比较性的研究。我们是多学科的,并将努力联系和汇集全球的中国专家的专业知识,寻求比较的和跨学科的方法,研究中国和中国相关的议题和问题。更多…
      《中国比较研究》 (JCCP) 是世界上唯一的、用社会科学与人文科学和比较视野研究中国的匿名评审的有英汉双语元素的学术期刊, 于2015年起由全球中国出版社每年六、十二月出版印刷版 (刊号 ISSN 2040-0837)。《中国比较研究》鼓励所有文章都尽可能与中国比较研究相关。本刊旨在从比较视野观察中国,及其于更广范围内之发展、理念、运动、关系和制度。荣誉主编:王斯福 (英国伦敦经济学院),主编:常向群 (全球中国研究院;英国伦敦大学学院),书评编辑:凯斯·杰克逊 (英国伦敦大学亚非学院;日本同志社大学),助理编辑:魏文轩 (美国加利福尼亚大学圣地亚哥分校)和裴可诗 (英国全球中国比较研究会;中国浙江传媒学院)  更多…

      全球中国出版社 (GCP)是把中国和世界放在全球语境下相互审视的英汉双语学术著作出版社 (公司注册号:8892970)。 全球中国出版社专注于出版中国比较研究的著述,还包括在全球语境下对世界和人类知识研究的中华视野,以及对中国研究的非中华视野。本出版社出版的范围广泛,如学术期刊,会议或基于主题的论文集,研究专著,丛书社科汉语教材以及工具书。出版的形式多样,如印刷版、电子版、音像,网络及其移动网络版。更多…

     全球中国智库 (Global China Unit) 是一个从事以知识为基础的建设全球社会的社会咨询的公共平台,也是一个通过中国和华人以及与其他国家和地区做比较研究资源的知识顾问 (knowledge consulting) 及活动来参与型塑全球社会的民间智库。它来自于全球中国比较研究会的“知识转化”和“公共参与”两部分内容。既包括把某种特定的知识转化到某一个具体的领域,“全球中国智库“更强调是把中国的社科和人文知识转化到全球社会来,即中国、华人以及中国比较的视野视野的“知识的全球转化”,或曰“知识全球化”。更多… 


     全球中国社会企业是一种致力于探讨全球社会的非营利组织可持续发展机制的社会企业。它起初是全球中国比较研究会(CCPN Global)与英国签证教育集团(UVIC Group)共同发起的。全球中国社会企业承担全球中国的所有相关业务,从资金筹措、场地出租、会议注册、媒体宣传、资料出版和印刷,到社会顾问。更多…



  • 创立全球独特的全方位地促进中国比较研究并参与全球社会的社会建设和社会治理的全球性学术机构  
  • 创设英语世界中仅有的专注于社会与人文科学以及比较研究中国的双语网站
  • 创办世界上唯一的用社会与人文科学和中国比较研究的全球网络及匿名评审的学术期刊
  • 创建世界上首家致力于在全球语境下出版双语的社科与人文的专业及大众书籍的出版社
  • 创意中国与华人视野的知识全球化理念和方法参与型塑全球社会的民间智库
  • 创用“转文化”和社会创造概念提高公众对全球事务的理解和参与全球治理的公共对话
  • 创办一种致力于探讨全球社会的非营利组织可持续发展机制的 社会企业
  • 创设一个研究院及其相关单位开展业务并以电子方式完成电子商务电商平台


1. 由英国社会科学院发起的社会科学运动, 它得到了英国大专院校、研究和出版单位的广泛赞助

2. 由英国学术院语言与量化技能计划启动的‘对未来说’语言运动

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