8 Tips To Ensure You Choose Jewelry That You Really Want To Buy and Wear


If a woman had to choose between clothes, purses, shoes or jewelry, most would choose jewelry. Why is that? It’s because jewelry is regarded as the essence of one’s expression – the perfect gift that people hold meanings behind. For example, a locket, mother’s ring, charm bracelet and engagement ring is much more precious than the diamond or metal it contains.

yoko's jewellery

yoko’s jewellery

Many women, even though jewelry catches their eye, don’t give into the temptation of buying any. After all, they may not feel that a $60 rhinestone and brass necklace is worth that much – perhaps finding it cheaper elsewhere. Better yet, they could make something that looks just as good as it.

the right jewellery will make you look 'RIGHT'

the right jewellery will make you look ‘RIGHT’

How do you know if the jewelry you’re looking at is worth the money you’ll pay for?

No Other Place Will Have It

If you’re on vacation in a foreign land and see jewelry you’ve never seen before – something hand-painted and completely unique – then it may be a piece that you’ll want for your collection. Don’t forget to ensure that it’s within your price range.

Classic Jewelry

Many people will spend the money to invest in quality jewelry such as a pearl necklace, watch or diamond studs. These classics stand the test of time, as well as the number of times you decide to wear it.

Trendy Jewelry

When it comes to trendy jewelry such as braided leather bracelets or punk rock studded cuffs, you don’t want to spend a lot of money on the seasonal styles.

Obsessed About The Jewelry

If there’s a piece you’ve been eyeing for several months and you know you’re going to wear it often, then it may be worth investing in.  Buy yourself something when you meet a goal or have a bad breakup or some other reason to treat yourself.

Designer Jewelry

If something looks like a Chanel knock-off, you’re going to notice it. And, if it looks real, more than likely it isn’t. So avoid it!

Fake Jewelry

If you buy jewelry that gives you a nasty rash or turns your skin green, then you don’t need to be paying a whole lot of money for the jewelry. In fact, if the jewelry isn’t sterling silver, avoid it.

Go For Cubic Zirconia

When money is tight, you can always purchase cubic zirconia that looks like the real thing. No one will be the wiser!

Create Your Own Jewelry

Beaded costume jewelry or jewelry comprised of fabric is rather easy to do, even for folks who don’t have a creative bone in their body. Save the money, and spend it on something else entirely.




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