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I recently found a UK based company sale fashion jewelleries online,  ordered a few times, the quality is quite good, so I decided write a guide to help people shopping on this website.

Firstly the company named Etsy’s Fashion, the website is  , you need register an account on this website to browse the whole catalog, it is pretty simple though – just need few second to input your email and desired password ,  once you have your account, please follow the guide below:

How You Can Find jewellery Through Etsy’s Fashion

In order to find and buy jewellery through Etsy’s Fashion, you need to go to its homepage and go to the “All Categories” tab. With the appeared menu, make sure pick the “jewellery and Watches” tab. On the left-hand side, pick “Fine jewellery”. You’ll see a list of metal choices. If you want to find costume jewellery, do the same thing, but be sure you pick fashion jewellery. You’ll be given another menu about the jewellery type you want. If you don’t see the piece you want, type in the name in ETSY’s Fashion’s search bar.

What Does It All Mean?

There are simple techniques you can use to identify which jewellery pieces are real and which are costume. When it comes to fashion jewellery pieces, they don’t comprise of the following:

• Diamonds
• Natural pearls
• Natural gemstones
• Precious metals

Of course, there are some exceptions when it comes to precious metals. One exception is precious metal settings with a main store for a natural stone with the enveloping stones being manufactured. And, the reverse is true – enveloping stones around main stone are real while the main piece is manufactured. It’s all considered costume jewellery.

etsys beautiful necklace

Costume jewellery is typically interchangeable with the word fashion jewellery. Many of today’s designers use fashion jewellery, letting consumers to enjoy to collect various pieces. While designer names boost the price, it’s these pieces that result in highly sought after items. Modern-day designers have increased in popularity with their costume jewellery lines, ensuring their pieces sell fast within the marketplace.


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