The Bachelor – Afraid of True Love


Written by an London escort: Carmen . If you want to read more about Carmen’s story please visit Carmen’s dairy

Ever since Masterchef a couple of years ago when I accidentally invested myself emotionally in the beer obsessed chef who lost the competition, I vowed never to be embroiled in a live reality series where the outcome was not predetermined ever again. I gave hours of my life. Night after night I sat there, taking a leave of absence from my own life to back him up in the hopes that he would win but in the end that stupid housewife who strategically knew when to shed a tear and play the crowd won. That day, the day when that wench took the Masterchef prize, I vowed never to let a TV series get inside my heart ever again.

But then there was the Bachelorette with Emily Maynard and once again I had my gut ripped out at the end of the season when she dismissed Sean Lowe. At that time I believed that he was the one that loved her most and he was but I did not realise something till this season. He only fell head over heels for her when he realised she was head over heels in love with someone else. Sean says he wants true love but in reality that is not what he’s looking for. He’s looking for a safe bet.

Naturally when I saw the bachelor on again this season and when I realised it was Sean, once again I was drawn in and I had to watch. The gut wrenching moment came early for me this season when he dismissed Ashley (the girl who actually loved him), yes there was a disagreement about discussions that were had and we will never know the truth but she was by far the one that was most in love with him. The other two who made it into the final round were both younger and dumber. Both had strange needy personalities. Lindsay speaks with a kiddies lisp when she feels insecure and says important things like I love you and Catherine makes a joke out of everything and continuously defers to Sean like an Asian wife. I believe he has fallen hardest for Catherine and all I can say is big mistake buddy.

You have chosen for yourself for the remainder of your life, not a partner but a dependent. Perhaps that’s alright with you, maybe you like to be the big man in the house but then why did you go on the bachelor searching for true love? The girl that really loved you was so gobsmacked and head over heels that she was completely devastated. You stated that your reason for not choosing her was because you could not find the laughter. Let me tell you this, when a girl falls in love it’s no laughing matter and if she did not crack a joke in the right moment maybe it’s because she was scared half to death of losing you at any given point in time. Fear of loss tends to make folks a bit awkward at the best of times.

So Sean, I hope I’m wrong. I hope this love lasts you forever. But my instincts say you have not found the one. Had you done so, you would not have been able to take this game show so lightly. Life has given you an incredible opportunity, one that most people don’t get to find the love of your life. When you found her and you admitted that you believed Ashley was the one right until the end, at the point that you realised that you were really in love…… you copped out. May I suggest you go and have that seen to lest life gives you a second chance one day.

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