Infinite Monkey Theorum


It’s been a very busy month and I know I should sit down to write something for my blog but my mind is all over the place and I’m having some difficulty concentrating of late. Perpetually haunted by my very long to do list, moments of privacy cannot be enjoyed due to a very large guilt complex brought about by sitting still when I shouldn’t be doing so. I decided that today I am just going to sit down and write something, whatever “that” might be. (Only Meatloaf can solve the mystery.) If I wait to be inspired it may be too late so I’m operating on the infinite monkey theorem which suggests that given sufficient time, a hypothetical monkey typing at random would produce a great literary work equivalent to the likes of Shakespeare or some other great author. This is my humble spin of the literary roulette wheel to see what lurks in the dark recesses of my unconscious mind.

I have to admit that I am somewhat disillusioned by the blogosphere and many of my compatriots seem to be too. Since I started blogging, I have noticed a very high drop-out rate of bloggers who started out at a similar time to me. Many of the blogs that I follow are focusing on the negative and I feel somewhat depressed about it. There are many bad things that go on in this industry such as human trafficking, poor education on sexually transmitted diseases and the gross exploitation of women who are unable to fend for themselves. I find that this gets covered up and denied by key characters yet others fixate on it and speak of nothing else. There are not many places to go anymore if you feel you are in need of a good laugh and that is precisely what I need right now.

I suspect that the social media industry has reached the foamy outer skids of its bubble and may be about to implode. Call me a sceptic but Twitter and Facebook have both been in the news all week and I have to wonder if they’re stirring their own hype. Twitter has been conservatively valued at 10 billion USD although experts suggest that it might be worth 15 billion USD if it were to solicit actual offers. Given that this is a tech company with very few assets and giant HR overheads, they have been valued almost entirely on advertising revenue. Which begs the question….. What is the value of advertising? I have spent a considerable amount of time reviewing my advertising spend and asked myself how much of it was worthwhile with hindsight. It’s necessary to let the world know that you exist and to re-enforce your brand but is it possible to convert a Coca Cola drinker to a Pepsi Cola drinker simply by throwing more money at your advertising spend? Somehow I doubt it. I can’t help but ask myself the question…. How much money spent on advertising is actually necessary?

Also in the news, NASA estimates that there are 4.4 billion planets in the universe with similar characteristics to earth that are potentially habitable by humans. In light of the fact that we are probably not alone, what is the importance of advertising in the greater scheme of things? Shouldn’t we be spending more money on preserving the planet and furthering space exploration? We are heading in the right direction and I’ve noticed that consumers are now investing in alternative energy such as electric cars but it seems the CEO’s of these socially responsible, alternative energy companies are overwhelmed by the overvaluation of their shares and seem to be on a massive private spending spree with public money. Microsoft is a private corporation but you never hear stories of them spending in excess or taking the piss out of the private investor and/or tax payer. Perhaps Bill Gates should start-up and run an alternative energy corporation. If you’re reading this Bill, the future and human kind need your brilliance one last time.

Civilised society is self-governing and there is a new class of very socially and environmentally conscious people who go the extra mile to ensure that they are offsetting their carbon consumption, buying clean energy and investing in clean energy. If they show good faith by overvaluing your shares by 900% then you kind of have a responsibility to spend that money with those people’s values in mind because they are in effect your shareholders. A classic case of bottom up management where the representative of the company is not worthy of the small (big) people he represents. The world is full of small (big) people paying attention to what’s going on and if they show faith in you, you have a responsibility to justify that faith.

Well my monkey experiment is going well; it seems I have a number of unresolved issues just pouring out tonight. All I needed was to put hand to keyboard, this is like therapy! So folks besides what’s going on in the news, the exorbitant cost of paper and the fact that I’m an independent escort and I have an unnaturally high amount of sex every day, there does not seem to be much going on in my life at the moment. I think the best thing is to just put my nose back to the grindstone and not contemplate the greater issues of life on earth at the moment as I have the small matter day to day of survival to attend to. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, I haven’t made it past second base yet so I may be getting philosophically ahead of myself.

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