Prospects for the Russia-India-China strategic triangle


Prospects for the Russia-India-China strategic triangle, February 11, 2013 D. Aurobinda Mahapatra, specially for Russia and India Report (RIR)

The Russia-India-China (RIC) strategic triangle is perhaps an under-emphasised theme in the discourse on multi-polarism and emerging groups in that direction. Last year the foreign ministers of these countries met within a fortnight of the meeting of the BRICS at New Delhi, and this year the meeting has yet to take place. The three countries are rising pillars in a multi-polar globe and their contribution to international economic growth and peace and stability is beyond doubt. The countries’ participation in, and being part of, various crucial groupings such as BRICS and G-20 and their economic growth despite global economic slowdown, and their contribution to the reshaping of global decision making process is acknowledged by the nations of the world. The point is: whether this grouping should continue its ad hoc like nature and end up in annual foreign ministerial meetings, or the members need to synergize their activities to match their potential? …

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