What is Tantric MASSAGE?


If you visist this page, I assume you all might heard of the tantric massage, indeed this massage in becoming more and more popular in UK. So what exatctly is a tantric massage?

London Tantric massage is a wonderful way to awaken and experience the erotic energy in relaxed awareness and love. It opens up a new world of intimate togetherness experiencing the magic of touch.

The human touch reveals itself as the silent gate to our heart. In the esoteric tantric tradition it is known that the heart Chakra is connected to the sense of touch. This means that we can awaken our hearts simply by touching and being touched.

Some of the superior human qualities like unconditional love, compassion and empathy will almost automatically become more present in our beings through practising tantric massage.

The tantric massage is a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating and healing experience that awakens sensitivity and energy, increases the self confidence and the capacity to enjoy the life.

The essential component of a tantric massage session is the sacred dimension of this experience, so, we can say that: “A tantric massage is not a massage with some transfiguration added; it is transfiguration with some massage added…

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